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Antiquity Calais is the Creator's Liberator. Leviathan Avalon is Satan's most prolific Destroyer. Avalon has learned how to control the Universal Life Force and use it as his most potent form of destruction. He conjures the most powerful tsunami in the history of history, wiping out life along the Atlantic Ocean in the United States. Every coastal city from Portland, Maine to Key West, Florida is underwater. He believes he has committed the perfect crime, but there is a catch. Antiquity Calais is a psychic writer, and he has a vision of the attack as it unfolds, and before long Antiquity is hot on Avalon's tail, traveling through multiple universes, to the lowest depths of hell, until he and his friends Gillian Usha, Sherman Yazu and the Mighty Mundoo Asquith are all Standing at Armageddon.


Jim Henry began writing this book while he and his son Tyler were anxiously awaiting the release of J.K. Rowling's final Harry Potter book. Every night at bedtime, Jim would read a chapter or two of whichever book they were reading, and Harry Potter was Tyler's favorite. Although Antiquity Calais stands on his own two feet, with a unique story line that involves classic science fiction and fantasy elements, with connections to the Biblical Book of Revelations as well. The Universal Life Force Series is a classic tale of Good vs. Evil that parents can feel safe to read to their young children at bed time.

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Lucinda has had a really rough night. Her boyfriend was drunk, she had no way home, and he would not let her have the keys to the SUV. So she began walking, and along the way she met Wilson, a strange man who claimed to have learned the means to expand the portion of the brain humans can routinely use.

He shows her he has the power to heal. He shows her he can move at the speed of light. What he cannot do, yet, is make love at the event horizon of a super massive black hole.

No one is perfect, right?




Antiquity Calais, Gillian Usha, Sherman Yazu and the Mighty Mundoo Asquith have battled Leviathan Avalon, Satan's Destroyer, in the climactic scene in the first book in this series, Antiquity Calais: Standing at Armageddon. Satan does not take losing well, and the prince of darkness has special plans for his destroyer. The result creates a rift that will make matters rather complicated, as Antiquity must decide who the main target should be. Meanwhile, Antiquity is introduced to the Council of the gods and learns there are some powerful allies who would like to join his cause. But are their motivations pure? Find out in the second book of the Universal Life Force Series, as Antiquity and his friends are Ascending Olympus!

Antiquity Calais Christmas

How the Liberator Saved Christmas

Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus are sick with the flu. The elves have not left the North Pole in centuries, and Santa is thinking about skipping deliveries this year.

Mrs. Claus to the rescue!

She may not be well enough to stand in for Santa, but she has an idea. Why not ask Antiquity Calais?

Join Antiquity, Gillian, Gabriel Michael and Mary Theresa Calais, as well as Sherman Yazu and the Mighty Mundoo Asquith, as we find how the Liberator Saved Christmas!

A short while ago, my good friend Stacey Brewer posted a note on the "Where Writers & Authors Meet" page on Facebook, letting us know about a magazine called Clarkesworld that was looking for short fiction. I decided to check it out. On their website, they provided a list of items that would not necessarily rule out a piece being accepted for publication, but would make it difficult to accept.

As I looked down the list of items, I noted that at one time or another, I had broken easily half of the "rules" on their list, so I went back to the FB page and reported that I would probably pass, for the reason noted.

Shortly thereafter, Stacey commented that I should do it, and see if it were possible to break every single one of their rules. She predicted it would be funny, and if anyone could do it, it would be me.
Feeling as if the gauntlet had been thrown by Mrs. Brewer, I accepted the challenge. And since it was her idea in the first place, I decided to dedicate this spoof to Stacey Brewer. Check out her blog at

In the mean time, I present for your reading pleasure Stories from the Trunk - Breaking All Thy Rules. For a complete list of the rules I have broken, look at the appendix at the end of the story.

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